Connecting Multiple MUGICS

Connect Multiple MUGIC - External Router

How to connect more than one MUGIC® using an external router (such as FileHub or TP-Link). Note: using the home internet router might be problematic depending on your provider's restrictions.

Connect Multiple MUGIC - One Computer (Mac)"Loopback" Sharing

How to connect more than one MUGIC® to one computer (Mac), using "Internet sharing" method called Loopback (Mac). Follow the description below the video carefully.  Note: Windows version coming soon.

How to connect multiple MUGICs using WEB interface

Matthieu Amiguet, composer/instrumentalist/programmer and one of our "super users", very kindly shared his method of using the Web interface to switch from AP to Client mode, in order to set up and connect multiple MUGICs with an external router. Those who are interested, please visit his link here!! Thank you, Matthieu!!!